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Friday, June 27, 2008

Annual Maasai Mara Wildebeest Migration Update, June 27th 2008:

Annual Maasai Mara Wildebeest Migration Update, June 27th 2008:
The Great Annual Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara - Kenya and Serengeti - Tanzania

Over the past week, the Loita herds of mainly zebras have now spread out over the recently burnt area in the south Mara triangle. Some herds are still around Musiara Gate, Olorukoti plain and on the Koiyaki - Olare-Orok Conservancy areas. The migration this year has been gradual unlike in the past. The herds coming from the Loita plains will keep entertaining us before the imminent arrival of the main Serengeti herds from the south.

The Mara River has been active, with some zebras crossing onto the Mara triangle. The crocodiles are still enjoying a feeding frenzy, creating huge photo opportunities on what are normally deep waters. The less-than-normal rainfalls have left the water levels on the rivers lower than at this time of they year, and crocodiles are easy to spot as they drag their unfortunate prey into the deeper waters.

Other sightings in the Masai Mara:
One of the most spectacular sightings of the past week was that of six nomadic male lions on Paradise Plain near the migration crossing point. It has been many years since such a coalition of males was seen together. Nomadic males will only come together to consolidate their strength, to ward-off competition for food and to increase their chances of taking over a new pride and territory - whose dominating males will not let go easily.

There was an improved sighting of leopards over the week, with a sighting every day. Bella who has been our main star over the last few years, and Olive, who we have been covering lately, were spotted along the Talek and Olare-Orok Rivers. There is a new leopard along Ntiakitiak River with two small cubs. She was seen for a few days at the same place near the Double Crossing point with a kill up in a tree, while another young female was seen at Paradise Plains with a kill near the main crossing.

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