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Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Precautions While on Kenya Holidays:

An African safari is the most exciting adventurous destination for all wanderers. Africa, the land of mystery, has a lot to offer for tourists who come from different parts of the world. However, it is quite useful to take care of certain precautions for maintaining your safety and security while taking the pleasure of Kenya holidays. One of the most important things while visiting a foreign country is to avoid walking to the bushes alone. Always seek guidance of a local person to explore the country on foot. Not to forget, stay away from animals as they can be excited by any of your act and cause a dangerous act. Therefore, it is advised to maintain some distance while feeding the animals.

Besides, above mentioned casual precautions, it is important to take care of other important precautions that can help you to enjoy the best time in the African land. A traveler must keep a close eye on his or her holiday insurance, medical preparations, food & drinks, and money to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. These are discussed below in brief:

Kenya Holiday Insurance
A traveler must ensure a good quality medical insurance before visiting any African safari. Holiday insurance also includes coverage for baggage loss, third party liability, cancellation and curtailment, etc.

Money Tips
In Kenya, travelers' cheques and major credit cards are readily accepted. A traveler is suggested to carry a small amount of cash otherwise he or she can be a target for thieves. One should always change currency through the authorized dealers and banks.

Security Measures
One should keep a track of his or her passport number, airline tickets and travelers' cheques while visiting any African country. Make sure, you keep these original documents in a safe place, separately from the usual luggage bag.

Medical Precautions
African countries are prone to various kinds of diseases and infections. That is why, it is better to go through a thorough medical check-up of your body. Consult a good doctor and take adequate antibiotics. You can keep good quality of mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

Food & Drink in Kenya
Try to use mineral or bottled water while on a trip to Africa. In hard & soft drinks, you can get a wide range of local beers, as well as imported wines, beers. Choose your drink carefully to remain healthy.

Kenya holidays can be a blessing for any wildlife lover and explorer. However, a bit of precaution can enhance your happiness further.

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